Theft Crime

While many first-time theft offenders in Los Angeles are given probation, theft crimes can lead to long sentences especially when a defendant has a prior conviction. Cases of theft – including forgery, petty theft, robbery, embezzlement, burglary, and insurance fraud – can also involve long sentences in cases where the value of property stolen is considerable or in cases where a weapon was used in the theft. White collar criminals and those with long records may face a state prison sentence.

An experienced Los Angeles theft crime defense attorney can help even repeat offenders get a second chance at probation. However, you need to find a defense attorney who is familiar with the criminal justice system, the judges, and prosecutors. A great attorney can help prepare a strong defense strategy.

Theft Crime Consultation Form

If the prosecution’s theft crime case against you is not strong, a Los Angeles criminal attorney can launch an investigation in order to find and interview witnesses who could help your case. It is important to quickly retain the services of a professional defense lawyer before evidence is lost and witnesses forget details.

If your Los Angeles theft defense attorney finds you have a small chance of winning at trial, he may suggest you undergo a psychiatric evaluation. A positive evaluation may help show a judge you do not pose a threat and can therefore be released on probation. If you are an administrative employee or executive accused of a white collar crime, your case could be serious since most white collar crimes involve large sums of money. As well, the media and juries can be unsympathetic in these cases. Your Los Angeles attorney will likely need to bring in financial experts in order to investigate the case and offer advice about the strength of the prosecution’s evidence. Your attorney will need to start work as soon as possible to investigate other possible suspects in the corporate theft and to create strong defense strategy for you.

If the prosecution’s case is strong, for example, your Los Angeles criminal defense attorney may consider having your evaluated by a qualified licensed professional psychologist. This can help determine the underlying reasons – such as addition, mental health issues, or family difficulties – caused your uncharacteristic behavior. This evaluation can give you a chance at probation rather than having you face a lengthy jail term. Even if you have prior convictions, a good psychological evaluation may show your problems have never been addressed with appropriate supervision and guidance. Stephen Brodsky, Attorney at Law, has successfully used this defense strategy in cases where a defense strategy seemed all but implausible.

Your freedom and future are two of the most important things you have. You should not allow one mistake or an unfair accusation to deprive you of these valuable assets. Stephen Brodsky has more than twenty years of experience in criminal law exclusively. He has defended hundreds of clients and can help you.

If you have been arrested for a theft crime in Los Angeles, call the Law Offices of Stephen Brodsky today for a free consultation to discuss your defense strategy. With no cost and no obligation, you have nothing to lose but the fear and worry that you may be feeling right now.