Child Molestation Defense

Child molestation and sexual abuse often carries one of the highest risks for state prison sentences. Even if you are facing your first accusation, you may face a considerable state prison sentence. If you are charged and incarcerated, being known as a child sex offender increases your risk of victimization in prison. You need a good defense attorney in order to protect yourself and your rights. If you are found guilty of child sex offenses, you may be registered for life as a sex offender. This can severely impact your ability to find a job, keep relationships, volunteer, and even choose where you live. Few convictions affect every aspect of your life this way.

Child Molestation Consultation

Unfortunately, child sex abuses cases also involve the highest risk of false accusations that lead to criminal prosecutions. Many defendants’ in Los Angeles have had their lives effectively ruined permanently due to false accusations of sexual child abuse. Young children often do not understand the severity of sexual abuse allegations. Worse, many children mix reality and fantasy.

Unfortunately, our justice system sometimes does a poor job of protecting defendants in child sexual abuse. When an accusation of child molestation is made, county social workers, child abuse police detectives, pediatric doctors and nurses as well as other professionals descend on the case and often make it very difficult for the child to admit that a mistake has been made. Children first undergo a confusing and frightening physical exam by the SART (Sexual Abuse Response Team) team. In some cases, children are asked very leading questions about the accused, leading to a grooming of the child for the prosecution. Social workers from CPS (Child Protective Services) next ask the children to describe their abuse using anatomically correct doll figures. In some cases, the desired answer is made very clear to the child. From this make-believe play session, very detailed descriptions of alleged sexual abuse emerge.

The defendant is arrested and must pay considerable amounts of money to be released on bail. In addition to the stress of facing child sex abuse charges in Los Angeles as well a lengthy jail sentence, the defendant will often face social harassment by people who assume his guilt.

If you have been arrested for child sex crimes in Los Angeles, you need to hire a very experienced Los Angeles sex crime defense lawyer immediately. Your attorney can hire child psychologist experts to interview the child to evaluate the extent of “grooming” and programming by the prosecution. Experts hired by your attorney can also review the interrogations of the child to determine leading questions and other problematic procedures that may have skewed the case against you. Your Los Angeles sex offense defense lawyer can hire a medical expert trained in child abuse to review the SART team evidence. Your attorney will also find adult witnesses to testify on your behalf.

If you have been accused of a child sex crime in Los Angeles, you cannot afford to delay even an hour. Contact Los Angeles attorney Stephen Brodsky today for a free consultation to determine a defense strategy. Every hour you wait can allow the case against you to grow.