Probation Violations

Los Angeles residents who fail to comply with the conditions of their misdemeanor or felony probations may face revocation of their probation. This, in turn, can mean incarceration in a state prison or jail. In many cases, a highly skilled Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer can help you avoid jail time and revocation, but you need to ensure that you work with a qualified attorney who understands the strategies needed to help you avoid the loss of probation.

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If a suspect is accused of probation violation, a good attorney will often interview witnesses and gather other types of evidence to defend the suspect. In the probation violation hearing, a good attorney will present evidence that will help defend you against the charges. In some cases, an attorney can help provide an acceptable and reasonable explanation for why a client was unable to comply with the conditions of probation.

For example, if a suspect fails to report for drug testing three times consecutively, in many cases a bench warrant will be issued by the court at the request of the probation department. This will initiate probation violation proceedings. However, the suspect may have been unable to attend drug testing due to illness or an accident. A good defense attorney can present medical evidence and documentation showing the court that attending drug testing was not possible. In these situations, a court will often not revoke probation.

In many cases, defendants work hard to meet the conditions of their probation because they do not want to return to jail. In some cases, however, complying with probation in Los Angeles is impossible due to compelling and unavoidable circumstances. A qualified attorney can help prove this at probation violation hearings and therefore ensure that you are not sent to jail.

If you have been accused of a probation violation in Los Angeles, your future and your freedom are at risk. Contact Stephen Brodsky, one of the most experienced criminal defense attorneys in Los Angeles, for a free consultation to discuss your case and your defense. Stephen Brodsky has more than twenty years experience in the practice of criminal law and has helped hundreds of clients with successful success strategies. Contact the law offices of Stephen Brodsky to find out how he can help you.