Elder Abuse Defense

Caretakers of the elderly are susceptible to accusations that they have abused or exploited the seniors that they care for. Caretakers are especially vulnerable if they handle the finances of their elderly charge. In many cases, the accusations occur when an envious family member learns that the senior had made gifts or loans to the caretaker without the family’s knowledge. Of course, the elderly person has every right to dispense of their property as they wish, but the false accusations can cause legal problems and can even lead to employment problems for the caretaker.

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Los Angeles Nursing Home Neglect Lawyer

In many cases, charges of elder financial abuse are based on leading questions asked of the elderly, envious relatives, incorrectly maintained financial documentation, and generally poor evidence. Despite this, accusations of wrong-doing must be taken seriously and addressed immediately. Hiring a good Los Angeles defense attorney should be the first step.

A good Los Angeles elder abuse defense lawyer can hire an experienced investigator to gently interview the elderly person. As well, the investigator will usually interview friends, family, and relatives related to the case. In some cases, your attorney will also hire a financial expert, such as an economist, to review the transactions which are under scrutiny.

If you are a professional caretaker, your career may be at stake. Your freedom and your future are also in danger from inaccurate or unfounded accusations. You cannot trust your future to an inexperienced attorney. Stephen Brodsky is one of the Los Angeles area’s most experienced criminal defense attorneys. With more than two decades of experience in criminal law and hundreds of cases successfully defended, Stephen Brodsky has the expertise to help you defend your case from a position of strength.

If you have been accused of elderly abuse in Los Angeles, contact the law offices of Stephen Brodsky today for a free consultation to discuss your defense strategy.