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If you’re a California resident, you know that the punishments for driving under the influence (DUI) are harsh. Add to that the complexity of a car crash or other wreck, and you have a recipe for complication. DUI accidents aren’t just deadly – they can be a legal mess for all parties involved. And they involve several different branches of the law. Here’s what you need to know about DUI accidents in Los Angeles California:

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With drunk driving accidents responsible for a growing number of deaths each year, expect the punishment to suit the crime – and to be designed to deter would-be drunk drivers. If you are found responsible for a DUI accident, you could face license suspension or loss, jail time, and large fees in addition to the normal insurance hikes and fines associated with property damage and the accident itself.

Your DUI accident will affect more than your ability to drive and remain out of jail. It will likely increase your insurance rates exponentially and result in difficulty remaining insured or finding affordable insurance. Add to this the reputation-busting effect of a DUI conviction, and you have a situation that can cost your career and your personal life as well as your criminal record.

Because DUI accidents involve multiple parties, insurance companies, witnesses, and even automobile manufacturers on occasion, it’s important to choose the right DUI defense attorney when you are looking for representation. In addition to representing you in criminal court and the DMV hearing, your Los Angeles County DUI defense attorney will need to handle the other legal aspects of your DUI accident, from negotiation between third parties to dealing with the insurance companies. The complexity of a DUI accident cannot be overemphasized – neither can the potential consequences of “going it alone” without proper legal representation.

Stephen R. Brodsky has devoted his entire legal practice to representing individuals accused of DUI, including DUI accident cases. His competent, aggressive staff, long-term track record, and legal skill act as insurance for clients who could face lost licenses, limited freedoms, and restricted rights were they convicted of their charges. Don’t face your DUI accident alone. Count on Stephen R. Brodsky for the Pasadena drunk driving defense you deserve. Contact us online today for your free phone consultation…it’s 100 percent confidential.