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If you have been charged with a drug crime in Los Angeles, you need a top drug crime defense attorney to help you.

Your defense strategy against California state drug crimes is similar to the defense for federal-level crimes although pre-trial motions and sentencing may be slightly different.

The details of each client’s case are unique. Defense strategies may be time sensitive meaning the sooner you contact a drug crime defense attorney, the better!

In a Los Angeles drug crime defense, your defense strategy rests on a few different factors:

  1. What are the amount of drugs involved in the case? The amount will determine the seriousness of the case. A few grams will be less serious than a few ounces, which will be less serious than a few pounds.
  2. What is your record? If you have a record with a few misdemeanors or no prior arrests at all, you will face a smaller potential punishment than someone with two strikes against them in the Three Strikes California system. This will affect the aggressiveness of your defense strategy.
  3. How well were your rights safeguarded at the time of your arrest? You have a right to be free of unreasonable searches and seizures by authorities under the Fourth Amendment of the US Constitution. If the police conducted an illegal search of your property, this can dramatically affect your case. A Los Angeles drug crime defense attorney should be very familiar with constitutional laws and should know how to apply them in your situation to defend you against ungrounded charges.
  4. What is the prosecution’s case? A skilled Los Angeles attorney will accurately evaluate the strength of the evidence the prosecution has and develop a strategy of counter-attack.
  5. What is the testimony? If you have been arrested after a police direct drug buy, testimony against you may be from drug dealers who are establishing drug buys for their own purposes. A good Los Angeles drug crime defense attorney should understand how drug investigations are conducted so that he can discredit an informant’s testimony.

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Do you qualify for a program? Under California law, there are two programs that can help you avoid a conviction if you are arrested for simple possession and drug use: Proposition 36 and Penal Code section 1000. Penal Code section 1000, also known as the diversion program, is reserved for offenders who are only arrested on simple charges of possession and use and have no prior drug convictions. Those arrested for DUI and other charges are not eligible. Proposition 36 is available even for those on parole or probation. Part of your Los Angeles defense strategy may be to take part in one of these programs. A skilled attorney may even be able to bargain for the dismissal of some charges so that you qualify for one of these programs.

Drug-related charges are very serious with potential to leave you with a lifetime of stigma affecting your employment, income, relationships, and opportunities. Your future, your name, and your freedom deserve the best possible defense. With more than two decades of criminal law experience, Stephen Brodsky, Attorney at Law, is one of Los Angeles’s most experienced defense attorneys. He has defended hundreds of people successfully with aggressive drug crime defense strategies.

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