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Domestic Violence Defense:  If you have been arrested in Los Angeles on domestic violence charges, it is important to hire an experienced Los Angeles defense attorney immediately. Your attorney can hire a private investigator to interview witnesses, your partner, and yourself to immediately begin defending your case. Certain domestic violence defense strategies are time sensitive. Call now for your best chance to prevent Domestic Violence Los Angeles Penalties.

Domestic violence charges and convictions can tarnish your name, affect your ability to apply for custody, and can leave you with a record affecting your employment along with every aspect of your life. Your future and freedom are at stake.  Knowing your legal options for an aggressive criminal defense strategy is your next best step.

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Understanding Domestic Violence Defense: With funding and pressure from special interest groups, Los Angeles Domestic Violence (DV) cases are prosecuted more aggressively today. In the past, authorities would need specific evidence before arresting a man or a woman in a domestic violence case.  Police now are required to make an arrest if either party in a domestic violence call has any visible injury.

Unfortunately, this can easily lead to misunderstanding. Police only take short statements and usually determine the non-injured party is the aggressor while the injured party is the victim. There is often little deliberation.

Effective Domestic Violence Defense: In many instances, exaggerated claims are made to police because of anger during a domestic violence dispute.  An astute investigator may find a partner has made exaggerated claims.  At times, partners will readily admit this fact in a sworn statement.

It is important for your Los Angeles domestic violence criminal attorney to get these statements to prosecutors before criminal charges are filed. This can allow you to have more time for a thorough investigation or result in unfounded charges being dropped. This is very important in keeping your criminal record clear. Even if charges are filed, sworn statements can help your attorney defend you from a position of strength.

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