Bail And Release

In Los Angeles, after a suspect is arrested and booked, the sheriff determines bail as a condition of the suspect’s release before the scheduled court appearance. Bail is determined based upon a bail schedule, which is created by the court. In general, more serious offenses and charges result in a higher bail amount. However, some police authorities book suspects on multiple charges. This results in a much higher bail.

To be released before the court date, a suspect must either post the full bail amount in cash or use the services of a Los Angeles bail bondsman. Bondsmen usually charge 10% of the full amount of the bail as their fee. This fee covers the risk that the defendant will not make his or her required appearances in court.

Despite the fee, using the services of a bondsman to post bail in Los Angeles is usually the better option. As experienced professionals, bondsmen can usually secure a suspect’s release sooner than a relative with money. As well, if a suspect’s family does post bail in cash, it can take two or three months after the case is resolved before this money can be recovered. Finally, if the suspect does not arrive in court for their court appeared, any friends or family members who have posted the bond in cash will lose their money. The only exception to this is if the suspect surrenders within six months of the forfeiture of the bond. A bondsman, however, is responsible for ensuring that the suspect is brought back to custody. Bondsmen often work with investigators and bounty hunters to ensure that suspects who miss their court dates are brought back to custody.

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If you have been arrested in Los Angeles and your bail has been set too high for what you have been accused of, it is important to consult with a qualified Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer. A good attorney can help persuade the court to accept a lower bail or even persuade the court to release the suspect on his own recognizance. This can save the suspect a great deal of money and can ensure that bail is achievable.

It is important to remember that bail is not meant to be punitive. It is meant to ensure that a suspect returns to court for bail. If your bail has been set too high, it may be punishing, since it can ensure that you cannot enjoy your freedom while your case works its way through the courts. As well, having a reasonable bail and being able to post bail are important for your overall defense strategy. If you can post bail and continue to meet your work and social obligations while awaiting trial, this can often help your attorney show the judge and jury that you are a committed and responsible person. This can help your overall defense. Posting bail and enjoying a reasonable bail are not simply a way to temporarily get out of jail; bail can have a significant impact on your overall case.

Your freedom and future are important, which is why you should contact Stephen Brodsky, Attorney at Law today. With twenty years of experience in criminal law and hundreds of cases successfully defended, Stephen Brodsky has the expertise and knowledge of the justice system that you will want on your side. If you have been arrested and booked in Los Angeles, contact Stephen Brodsky today for a free consultation to discuss your defense strategy.