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    1. The Legal System Wants You to Plead Guilty in the Very Beginning of a Case.
      The legal system is set up to pressure you into a guilty plea, even if you’re innocent. The sheer volume of cases motivates judges, prosecutors and public defenders to pressure criminal defendants to plead guilty at the very earliest stage of a case. 

      You should protect your freedom and your record by having a free consultation with Los Angeles Criminal Attorney Steve Brodsky before your arraignment. Your free consultation will give you insights into legal defenses overlooked by a legal system anxious to get you to plead guilty.

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  1. The Consultation
    During your free consultation, I will ask you to tell me what happened in your own words. Some clients like to prepare a written account of the events that led to their San Diego arrest; others feel more comfortable relating the events verbally. 

    The next stage of the consultation consists of questions I will need to ask you in order to determine what kind of defense strategy would work best in your case.For instance, if you were being charged as being one of three men involved in a robbery, one question I would ask you is whether or not you have a person who could serve as an alibi witness in your defense.

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