Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much will my defense cost?
A: Our firm accepts all major credit cards and will work with our potential clients on a payment schedule that they can afford. We realize that the #1 priority for families at this time is to insure that they or their loved ones receive the best defense possible. We work with our clients to make that happen. For more information on our payment options, contact us today for a FREE consultation of your situation. DO NOT let cost prevent you from obtaining the defense you and your loved ones deserve.

Q: If I hire an attorney, do I need to appear in court?
A: It depends on what stage of the criminal process your case is in. For an arraignment, you are usually required to attend in person. Being the first court hearing in the criminal process, very often the individual is still in custody. As your criminal case proceeds, you will not always be required to attend court dates. In fact, depending on the nature of your charges, your attorney can appear on your behalf in most instances. For more information on the details of your court appearance requirements, contact The Law Offices of Stephen R. Brodsky.

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