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A Former U.S. Government Attorney, Now Your Los Angeles Defense Attorney

Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney - Stephen R. Brodsky

Stephen R. Brodsky, Attorney at Law, is one of the most experienced and compassionate criminal defense attorneys in the Los Angeles area. After graduating from Boston’s prestigious Suffolk University Law School, Mr. Brodsky started his legal career in 1984, working first as a Navy Judge Advocate with the federal government. In this capacity, he helped the US government by prosecuting cases.

In 1988, Mr. Brodsky left his career in public service behind and opened a private practice. The Criminal Law Firm Of Stephen R. Brodsky in Los Angeles draws on Mr. Brodsky’s 23 years of experience in criminal law to make a difference to clients. Mr. Brodsky has been successful in defending hundreds of people and he can help you as well.

If you have been arrested in the Los Angeles area, you need to safeguard your rights and your freedom with a top Los Angeles criminal attorney. Mr. Brodsky has the experience and qualifications to help you do just that. In your situation, you need a Los Angeles criminal attorney with a proven track record of success and with hundreds of successfully defended cases.  Mr. Brodsky has just this track record. He can listen to your situation, offer legal advice, and devise a working defense strategy to help you.

There is no cost or obligation for an initial consultation with Mr. Brodsky, so call the law firm today to get legal advice that can help protect your future.

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