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Examples of our Los Angeles Criminal Attorney Results:


    1. 21 year-old Navy seaman charged with conspiracy to smuggle 200 pounds of Marijuana across the Mexican border. NOT GUILTY VERDICT-Federal Court.  My client’s Navy shipmate convinced my client to go down to Mexico to get a good deal on a used car. The shipmate was a Mexican national who recruited naïve American sailors to buy cars in Mexico and then distracted the sailors long enough to have the cars loaded with large quantities of Marijuana which the sailors unwittingly drove across the border.My client was caught and so was his so-called friend. The friend decided to cooperate with the DEA agents and falsely implicated my client in a conspiracy to smuggle Marijuana.

      I exposed the cooperating witness as a liar who perjured himself under oath by testifying inconsistently with a sworn written statement he had given to Naval Criminal Investigative Agents after he was transported back to the naval base following his arrest.

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  1. 32 year-old Border Patrol agent charged with assaulting a neighbor with a gun. NOT GUILTY-SAN DIEGO SUPERIOR COURT.  A 22 year-old neighbor threatened to kill my client’s wife and some neighborhood children with a large hunting knife. My client came out of his house with his duty firearm and attempted to place his young neighbor under arrest for making criminal threats.The neighbor’s mother called the police who arrived on the scene and arrested my client based solely on the false accusations of the neighbor and his mother.

    At trial, five neighborhood children from ages 8 to 15 testified that my client was only attempting to arrest the neighbor for threatening to kill them with a knife and that the police never tried to get their eyewitness statements.

  2. 43 year-old Mexican national charged with cocaine possession. NOT GUILTY-SAN DIEGO SUPERIOR COURT. My client who had lived in the U.S. for last twenty years with his wife and children was facing deportation to Mexico if he was convicted of cocaine possession.My client met a co-worker at a local bar after work and invited him to sit in his car to smoke cigarettes and listen to music. A police patrol car pulled up. The coworker took a small baggie of cocaine and put it in the door tray on the passenger side of the car.

    The coworker attempted to flee but was caught by police and for some inexplicable reason let go. My client was arrested and charged with cocaine possession, because the baggie was found in his car.

    At trial, I was able to show that the coworker was the one who possessed the cocaine and that his attempt to flee upon contact with the police demonstrated a consciousness of guilt.

  3. 38 year-old San Diego man charged with a DUI for having a blood alcohol level of 0.18%. NOT GUILTY-SAN DIEGO SUPERIOR COURT. My client was driving up Highway 101 when he was stopped by an Encinitas Sheriff for driving 40 mph in a 35 mph zone. The Deputy Sheriff parked his car 100 yards from where my client did the field sobriety tests.At trial, my client testified that he was missing $100 from his wallet when he picked up his wallet after being bailed out. On cross-examination, I surprised the Deputy Sheriff by asking him to explain the disappearance of the money.

    The Deputy became visibly shakened, his Adam’s Apple bobbed up and down and stammered that he did not know that any money was missing. The jury returned a not guilty verdict after 30 minutes of deliberations.


  1. 34 year-old San Diego man charged with threatening to shoot an FBI agent. CHARGES DISMISSED. An undercover FBI agent investigating a house suspected of harboring large quantities of Marijuana went next door to my client’s house and yelled for someone to come out.My client and his elderly mother received death threats from their next-door neighbors after my client had reported narcotics activity next door to police several weeks earlier.

    My client asked the undercover FBI agent to identify himself. When the agent started using obscene language in a threatening manner.

    My client retrieved a rifle from inside his house and went to his porch and again asked the agent to identify himself while my client held the rifle by his side.

    The FBI agent falsely reported that my client pointed the gun and threatened to shoot him. Police arrested my client. At trial, the FBI agent’s testimony was so obviously false that the judge persuaded the prosecutor to dismiss the charges against my client.

  2. 21 year-old San Diego man charged with DUI with blood alcohol level of 0.16%. CHARGES DISMISSED. My client was camping with two friends. The campsite was located near a local highway that was very rarely traveled. After getting fairly intoxicated, one of my client’s friends returned to the campsite, frantically telling my client that the third friend’s SUV had turned over on the highway near the top of a mountain and rolled down an embankment.My client immediately followed his friend to rescue the third friend who suffered life-threatening injuries in the accident. After the injured friend was flown to a hospital, the local police arrested my client for a DUI.

    After negotiations with the District Attorney, I persuaded them that my client acted out of necessity and the District Attorney agreed to dismiss the charges.

  3. 47 year-old Las Vegas man charged with threatening to blow up airplane at the San Diego airport. CHARGES DISMISSED. My client became highly intoxicated while waiting at the San Diego airport for his return flight to Las Vegas. My client’s intoxication was so profound that he was talking to himself and saying bizarre things to other travelers. At some point, my client said he was going to blow up the next airplane coming in.The police arrested him for making a terrorist threat. At the preliminary hearing, the arresting police officer and several fellow travelers testified that my client was extremely drunk and did not seem to know what he was doing. The charges were then dismissed for failure to prove my client had specific intent that his statement be taken as a threat.
  4. 21 year-old Marine charged with Rape. CHARGES DISMISSED. My client and some Marine buddies went clubbing in downtown San Diego. My client became very drunk and got separated from his friends.Several strange men and women urged my client to withdraw $200 from an ATM and accompany them to a party in a different neighborhood. My client lost his money playing cards with three strange men. One of the men invited my client to have sex with his girlfriend sleeping in the next bedroom.

    My client who was extremely drunk went into the bedroom and passed out on the bed next to the other man’s girlfriend. The girlfriend awakened and screamed. Her boyfriend called the police and told them my client broke into the apartment while everyone was sleeping and raped the girlfriend.

    The boyfriend and his girlfriend both had a lengthy criminal records, and just before trial, the boyfriend was arrested by DEA agents in a big drug bust. At my client’s trial, the prosecutor decided his main witnesses did not have any credibility and dismissed the rape charges against my client.

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