Weapons Charges

California Law Penal Code is commonly known as the ‘use a gun and you’re done’”law. The tough law imposes mandatory minimum prison terms for using firearms in the commission of certain dangerous and/or violent felonies. Even today, it remains one of the harshest in the nation.

This California Law firearms statute subjects you to:

  • 10 years in prison for “using” a gun,
  • 20 years for firing a gun, and
  • 25 years to life for killing or seriously injuring another person with a gun

and this is in addition and consecutive to the sentence you receive for the underlying felony conviction.

Let’s take a look at severe consequences of pointing, discharging and shooting someone with a firearm… Read on here.

Gross Vehicular Manslaughter – PC 191.5 a

Imagine you are driving under the influence and texting while speeding at 85mph on the freeway. An even faster driver behind you wants to pass you. As he attempts to do so, he hits the right side of your rear bumper, causing your car to spin out of control. You then hit another car and kill the driver.

Prosecutors will charge you with Penal Code 191.5 a PC California Law’s “gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated” statute, a felony punishable by up to ten years in the state prison or 15 years-to-life if you have a prior DUI conviction. Learn more about the charge here.